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How to BUY?

  1. Log in to shop by selecting Sign in at the upper right corner where you enter your six-digit ID (or email) and password or pin. If you do not know the ID, please send us an email to: marketing@ramissio.com and we will provide you with an ID number.
  2. Select the category from the right panel, select a product, enter the quantity and click the ADD TO CART button.
  3. You can check the shopping cart content by clicking the GO TO SHOPPING CART button at the bottom of the right panel.
  4. When you finish shopping, click the CHECKOUT button.
  5. Please, check/edit your address.
  6. If necessary, you can change your addresses (personal, billing or shipping) in Settings first.
  7. Select the delivery method (we recommend the PPL) and payment method (we recommend the bank card), click the ORDER SUMMARY button.
  8. Check the order overview thoroughly, then click the SUBMIT ORDER button.
  9. You will see the payment details, we recommend to keep/print it or make the payment immediately.
  10. Once paired with our payment system, the order is marked as paid.
  11. In History of orders you can check your order status and via a link pay you can get to the payment details. 


How to create an order for other members of my structure?

System allows you to do the associated/combined order for more people. All products will then be delivered to the same address, but the points will be calculated individually for each person.

  1. There is a block Combined order in the right panel. Type the other users’s ID in the textbox and click the OK button. The new sub-cart will be created.
  2. Add items to the new sub-cart the same way as for your own purchase. If you want to edit your or other user's sub-cart, select the ID from the selection at the block Combined order in the right panel
  3. Continue the same way as with your own order.
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