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Ramissio Protect

Cleansing cure containing a blend of herb and plant extracts that act to destroy Intestinal intruders in the human body.

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This agent with a carefully selected blend of 13 ingredients works to rid the body of parasites, which are a factor in one of the most neglected problems in the world.



Magnesium (13 %), eastern black walnut (13 %), berberine HCL (4.3 %), common wormwood (4.3 %), Mongolian milkvetch (4.3 %), moringa (4.3 %), bromelain (2.2 %), powdered olive leaf (2.2 %), cat’s claw (2.2 %), garlic extract (1.7 %), black pepper (0.4 %), licorice (0.4 %), stabilizer (calcium phosphate, cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate), anti-caking agent (stearic acid, silicon dioxide, magnesium silicate), pharmaceutical grade shellac.


Manufactured for:

RAMISSIO LTD, London, Great Britain

Office Q, 35a Astbury Road, SE15 2NL


Recommended daily dosage:

2 tablets per day. Use on an empty stomach (min. 30 minutes before meal or 2 hours after meal). 

We recommend a cleansing cure using ideally four times a year. 

Contents: 30 tablets

Country of origin: USA

Expiration date: 17.5.2022

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